Anti-competitive Behaviour: 206-1

  • Management Approach

    The group’s Code of Ethics includes; Obey the law; Respect others; Be fair; Be honest.

    Barloworld’s Worldwide Code of Conduct sets out the group’s five core values. It determines how our aspirations and values are translated into actions and behaviours. Our code of conduct reminds us of the standards to which employees and the group are accountable, and consequently it also informs the group of what is to be regarded as material.

    The group does not condone anti-competitive behaviour and has policies and procedures as well as training programmes in place to ensure compliance.

    Our Barloworld Worldwide Code of Conduct includes the following under the Value of ‘Integrity’.

    ‘..We compete fairly - Barloworld believes that fair competition is fundamental to free enterprise.  We observe antitrust and competition laws where we do business. In relationships with competitors, principals, suppliers and customers, we avoid arrangements that restrict our ability to compete with others.  We will not be involved in any arrangements, understandings or agreements with competitors affecting prices, terms upon which products are repaired or sold, or the number and type of products repaired or sold. …’

  • 206-1: Legal actions for anti-competitive behaviour, anti-trust, and monopoly practices

    The reporting organization shall report the following information:
    a. Number of legal actions pending or completed during the reporting period regarding anti-competitive behaviour and violations of anti-trust and monopoly legislation in which the organization has been identified as a participant.
    b. Main outcomes of completed legal actions, including any decisions or judgments.
    Integrated Report:
    Consolidated Annual Financial Statements:

    These aspects are addressed in the Barloworld 2018 Integrated Report and related disclosures (AFS note 29)