Environmental Compliance: 307-1

  • Management Approach

    Entrenched in our group Worldwide Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics is the requirement to ‘Obey the law’ and ‘Protect the environment’. This is regarded as the minimum requirement and the group strives to conduct its operations as a responsible corporate citizen. Where possible, we also participate in the formulation of responses to draft policy and legislation.

  • 307-1: Non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations

    The reporting organization shall report the following information:
    a. Significant fines and non-monetary sanctions for non-compliance with environmental laws and/or regulations in terms of:
    i. total monetary value of significant fines;
    ii. total number of non-monetary sanctions;
    iii. cases brought through dispute resolution mechanisms.
    b. If the organization has not identified any non-compliance with environmental laws and/or regulations, a brief statement of this fact is sufficient.

    The group is committed to complying with relevant environmental laws and regulations. The company can be contacted should there be further inquiries in this regard.