Rights of Indigenous People: 411-1

  • Management Approach

    Barloworld respects the rights of indigenous people as considered in the GRI definition. This aligns to the requirements of our Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics. As the group represents leading global principals and suppliers, it is not aware of any abuse of indigenous people’s rights in its supply chain. Suppliers, service providers and contractors are expected to comply with applicable legislation; they are also expected to comply with their contractual obligations, which set certain standards of conduct. Evidence to the contrary would result in appropriate action being taken given the circumstances. The group expects that its supply chains conform to its values. Evidence of non-compliance would result in appropriate action being taken according to the circumstances.

  • 411-1: Incidents of violations involving rights of indigenous peoples

    The reporting organization shall report the following information:
    a. Total number of identified incidents of violations involving the rights of indigenous peoples during the reporting period.
    b. Status of the incidents and actions taken with reference to the following:
    i. Incident reviewed by the organization;
    ii. Remediation plans being implemented;
    iii. Remediation plans that have been implemented, with results reviewed through routine internal management review processes;
    iv. Incident no longer subject to action.

    Indigenous rights are respected in all Barloworld operations.

    Incidents may be reported through established problem resolution, grievance or disciplinary procedures or the confidential ‘Ethics Line/Tip-offs line’.

    The Barloworld Worldwide Code of Conduct includes a guide on raising and reporting ethical issues, and actions that violate, or appear to violate the code. There is a confidential Barloworld Ethics line and group oversight of the investigations processes.

    The Barloworld Global Whistle-Blowing policy sets out procedures for reporting improprieties or improper conduct so that the rights of employees and other associated persons are protected where such disclosures are made in good faith. In addition, all operations have well established disciplinary and grievance procedures in place. These are formal, documented and easily accessible to all employees.

    All reported incidents are thoroughly and independently investigated and appropriate action taken.

    Given the sensitivity and confidential nature of such incidents and the impact on those involved, details would not be publically disclosed.

    The company can be contacted should there be further enquiries in this regard.