Security Practices: 410-1

  • Management Approach

    Our strategic framework, approach, and related targets, are endorsed by the board and institutionalised reporting structures ensure board oversight of progress.

    Barloworld expects all security service providers to comply with its Worldwide Code of Conduct, values and ethics.

    Most business units and operations outsource their security arrangements. As with all other suppliers, they are expected to comply with the law.

    Barloworld employees that are responsible for security are trained in relevant practices and procedures.

  • 410-1: Security personnel trained in human rights policies or procedures

    The reporting organization shall report the following information:
    a. Percentage of security personnel who have received formal training in the organization's human rights policies or specific procedures and their application to security.
    b. Whether training requirements also apply to third-party organizations providing security personnel.

    The group has a significant number of sites and locations, which have security personnel. Predominantly these are in urban locations and security is provided for access control to company sites and buildings, and the prevention of theft from these facilities.

    The majority of security personnel are from outsourced suppliers, and these organisations are expected to conform to legislation and their staff to be properly trained in the applicable aspects of the provided security services and relevant work-place human rights including obeying the law, non-discrimination, respect for individuals, and use of force.

    As suppliers they are expected to commit to the Supplier and Service Provider Code of Conduct, which supports the ethical principles of the Barloworld Worldwide Code of Conduct.

    To the limited extent that security is provided by Barloworld employees, all are trained in the group’s codes, policies and procedures, which include relevant work-place human rights issues.